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We can provide as much or as little of your payments journey as you like and if you choose us to provide your full payments service we'd be the only payment partner you would need.

Welcome to Payments Online

  • Feel safe in the knowledge that our SSL certificate and PCI DSS compliance ensure the highest levels of security Secured by Elavon
  • The latest fraud mitigation tools, greatly reducing your exposure in a 'card not present' environment.
  • Enhanced Authentication (3-D Secure) asks your customers to authenticate themselves online when validating a payment.  Significantly reducing your chargeback risk and with tokenization and our hosted solutions, you can reduce your PCI footprint by securely storing cardholder data away from your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • The Elavon Payment Gateway (EPG) enables you to take payments online, it is the online equivalent of a card terminal in a shop. EPG is a secure portal linked to the payment page on your website where your customers can enter their card details which can then be authorised or declined.

  • Step 1 - Your customer enters their card details on your own payment page, all of which connect into Elavon Payment Gateway.

    Step 2  - Once the customer has entered their card details and has decided to pay, our gateway encrypts the information and sends it to the bank for authorisation.

    Step 3 - the bank checks the transaction information and sends a response back to our gateway which then shows the customer whether their transaction has been authorised or declined.

  • You can choose the following ways to integrate Elavon Payment Gateway into your website for online payments:

    Shopping Cart or Plugin

    Yes - I need a shopping cart

    You can select a shopping cart or plugin through the developer hub which allows you or your web developer to choose a preferred shopping cart or plugin from our list to manage the hosting, securing, and running of your business.

    No – I already have a shopping cart or I don’t require one

    If you already have an existing shopping cart or do not require a shopping cart, you and/or your web developer can easily access the sample code from the developer hub to get started integrating into EPG.

    Hosted Payment Page (HPP)

    • We host your payment page that’s linked to a shopping basket.
    • You can use the sample code found on your developer hub to integrate into the payment page
    • We handle all sensitive information of your customers and manage your card processing requirements.

    Application Programming interfaces (API)

    • The payment process is hosted within your website, ensuring you maintain control of the entire payment process.
    • You collect the payment details on your own secure server. You can use the sample code found on your developer hub to integrate into API
    • As you will be responsible for capturing customers card data, you’ll need to seek advice on additional security measures to ensure Payment Card Industry Standards compliance.
  • If your business accepts card payments over the telephone or is in a sales/call centre environment, you can process card transactions simply and securely through our browser based Virtual Terminal or through our MOTO HPP. This is available in real-time and allows your business to accept Mail order/telephone order (MOTO) transactions and process payments without the cardholder and their card being present in your place of business.


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