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Link your card terminal to your till, improve your customer experience and simplify your end-of-day processes.

Welcome to Smartlink by Elavon

As a new customer, your business is automatically enrolled to Secured by Elavon. This enables you to get your PCI DSS compliance certification as well as manage your ongoing compliance programme. 

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • The Smartlink Interface consists of a secure interface between your cash register (till system) that links with the Ingenico Point-of-Sale terminal/PIN pad and Elavon’s Host. Smartlink combines the benefits of a stand-alone Elavon payment terminal and integrated till.

    • We aim to make certification as quick as possible, but it is difficult to quantify the length of time this will take as each solution will have some degree of customisation.

    • Elavon will support you and your till provider with the development and certification required to integrate your till system with your point-of-sale terminal.

    • There are two integration options available:

      1. Smartlink Pro Solution - With this installation, all transactions are displayed on the till with the exception of any relevant cardholder intervention points i.e. entering their PIN.
      2. Smartlink Lite (Sale Only) Solution - A till provider can choose to install a Smartlink Lite solution for ‘Sale Only’ transactions through the till, with all other transaction types going through the terminal. With this type of installation, the terminal works like a ‘standalone’ where all transaction prompts and screens are displayed on the terminal.
    • We will provide your developers with DLL files for Linux and Windows operating systems, but any operating system can potentially be supported using a TLV development.

    • Till providers can request documentation that describes how the terminals and till communicate. It is also possible to rent the testing package, which includes test terminals and test cards.

      Your Sales Manager will keep you updated on your certification and installation progress. Your till provider will also have plenty of help along the way, and we’ll be there to train your staff on your new, simpler Smartlink payment system.Your Sales Manager will keep you updated on your certification and installation progress. Your till provider will also have plenty of help along the way, and we’ll be there to train your staff on the new, simpler payment system.

    • Any business accepting payment by credit or debit card is required to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). We aim to support our customers all along the way in achieving and maintaining PCI DSS compliance if they link a payment terminal to their till.

      No sensitive card data is shared by the terminal with your EPOS / till system, so compliance is far easier.  Card data is also encrypted when passed between the terminal and Elavon’s platform. This reduces your scope for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance.

      Furthermore, your terminal will automatically update itself whenever new software and firmware versions become available, for the latest and fully compliant system.

  • In addition to helping you get set up, we offer continued support to ensure your transactions go smoothly.

    • Stops lost revenue due to transposition errors and missed declined transactions
    • Improves speed of checkout at the point-of-sale terminal by removing double entry
    • Enhances the customer experience through quick and secure card authorisation
    • Provides high availability card authorisation through dial backup and stand-alone mode if Point-of-Sale(POS) or IP fails
    • Streamlines end-of-day reconciliation
    • Provides investment protection for future Point of Sale and value-added applications
    • Reduces PCI DSS compliance costs and security concerns with Secured by Elavon
    • Track payments with our Online Reporting tool
    • Order your terminal rolls and supplies by emailing or +44 (0) 1698 843866 to order new equipment.


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