Spire Terminal

Whatever your business, we have a terminal solution to suit. If you have fixed points of sale (in a shop or hotel reception, for example), our countertop terminal is perfectly suited. If you operate in a roaming environment (maybe a restaurant or bar) then our portable Bluetooth, cradle-based terminal is for you. And if you are more mobile or function away from telephone lines, then our mobile, GPRS based terminal (which uses the same technology as a mobile phone) is the one for you. Regardless of which you choose you’ll be getting industry leading technology that will support your business for years to come.

T4220 Desktop
Desktop monochrome terminal capable of connection over IP and PSTN for back up

This is a monochrome PIN pad which can be connected to an T4220 terminal if required

M4230 GPRS
Mobile monochrome terminal capable of transacting over GPRS

M4240 Bluetooth 
Portable monochrome terminal which is supplied with a base for both charging and communications.  These units are capable of transacting over Bluetooth IP or Bluetooth PSTN

Inserting a Paper Roll

  • Using your fingers, pinch the sides of the Printer Cover and pull up firmly. If this is a new terminal, remove the roll from the holder and unwrap it. 
  • Drop the paper roll into the holder with the paper feeding from underneath the roll. 
  • Pull a short length of the paper over the screen.
  • Shut the Printer Cover over the paper until you hear it 'click'.
  • Pull and tear the paper over the serrated edge as shown.

For all other transaction types please refer to your terminal welcome book.