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Hosted payment

Considering taking your business online, but wondering how complicated or expensive it is? Choose the easy way to take payments online. Elavon’s hosted solution is a payment page located outside of your website that allows your customers to pay for goods or services during check-out. After they opt to make a purchase, your customers are redirected to this secure payment page to enter payment information. Our solution enables you to accept payments from any device – mobile, PC or tablet – and is easily customisable to ensure a consistent look and feel with your website.

small business owner preparing the order

Put your mind at rest

Make a big change to your business with relatively little effort by choosing Elavon’s hosted payment solution, which facilitates payments from mobile, PC or tablet. Brand your payment pages consistently with the rest of your website, and rest assured that Elavon-hosted payment pages will deliver a great customer experience.

woman at laptop shipping online order in art supply shop

Why use hosted payments?

  • Compatibility – Seamlessly integrate with over 60 shopping carts and third-party platforms.
  • Enhanced cardholder security – Customers’ card information is submitted and processed securely through our hosted payment solution.
  • Limited technical expertise – Setup requires minimal web development and we manage the maintenance.
  • Instant order notification – When your customers place an order, you automatically receive an email to fulfill the order quickly.
  • Multiple payment options - You can offer any or all of the payment methods or currencies that we support. Multi-Currency Conversion from Elavon enables you to accept payments in more than 100 currencies and receive settlement in 17.
man using tablet and phone

Wide choice of integration options

Elavon’s hosted payment solution works with most eCommerce platforms and shopping carts, such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify and PrestaShop. What's more, integration literally takes minutes to complete.

Integrate with 60+ shopping carts

Booking Bug
Nitro Sell
Woo Commerce
Big Commerce
OS Commerce

Add one of our payment solutions to your website



Once your customers opt to proceed to check-out, our hosted payment page is displayed in a secure layer over your webpage. Customise our payment solution to have a similar look and feel to your website, for a seamless customer experience.



In this case, the payment page is securely embedded into your webpage rather than over it: customers are not formally redirected off your site. They enter their details via your website, but our solution processes all information.  



Customers are notified that they are being taken from your website to our hosted payment pages to enter their payment details. After providing the necessary information, they are returned to your website once the payment is complete for confirmation details. 


Our hosted payments solution meets all data security standards including Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


All payments pages can be customised to show your business logo, thereby making it look consistent with the rest of your website. You control how your page looks and the payment options you offer your customers.

Easy integration

Compatible with over 60 shopping carts and third-party platforms, offering various integration options.


Our hosted payment solution delivers a consistently high level of performance, achieving industry-leading service availability.


Take the first step to explore other ways to make your business fly, such as currency-conversion options and real-time reporting.

Pay by Link

woman paying online with her credit card

Helping you generate a healthy cashflow

Make it simple for your customers to pay you in a timely manner: offer them a ‘Pay Now’ button at the end of an email or electronic invoice, so they can settle their bills and invoices quickly and conveniently. Pay by Link requests can be sent by email or using a button link that redirects the customer to our secure hosted payment page.

man using tablet in a workshop

Why Pay by Link?

  • More ways to pay – offer your payers more ways to pay making it as easy and convenient as possible to buy from you.
  • Fully customise your own emails – drop in the link as a hyperlink or button - your choice.
  • Secure and PCI compliant – our hosted payment page is secure to the highest standards.
  • Real-time reporting – available whenever you want to use it online through our customer portal.
  • Accept and settle – You can accept payments in over 100 currencies with our currency-conversion services.

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We’ll keep you appraised of the latest security compliance requirements, including changes to Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering laws. We implement cutting-edge fraud prevention measures and protect payment data with P2PE encryption and tokenisation.

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