Card Security

At Elavon we hold payment security as our first priority. We have invested in extensive security controls and infrastructure in order to provide a secure and reliable payment processing platform, to ensure you and your customers are protected. However you also have a responsibility to keep your customer information and payments safe. Are you doing all you can to protect your bottom line and reputation? 

Keep Your Customers' Data Safe With PCI

We recognise that tackling data security can seem overwhelming for a small business. With Secured by Elavon, you can have the confidence and peace of mind that your business is taking card payments safely, on and off line.

Secured by Elavon offers some of the best payment security and fraud prevention products in the market, all designed with the sole intention of keeping your customers and your business safe. Your business keeps you busy enough so you might prefer to save time and let Elavon manage your PCI Compliance for you. If this sounds like you - talk to us today about Elavon’s Secured Pro offering.

We also provide the tools required to demonstrate compliance, and deliver financial protection programmes to mitigate financial exposure should a breach occur. Find out how Secured by Elavon can help your business minimise payment security risks. 

Key Benefits          

  • Reliable payment security
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Peace of mind
  • Protect your customers' data
  • Keep business data secure
  • Achieve certification
  • Avoid non-compliance fees

Download our brochure to get more detailed information on how you can be Secured by Elavon.

Protect Your Brand With Encryption and Tokenisation

Encryption and Tokenisation enable your business to streamline the process of compliance while reducing expenses associated with the security effort. These solutions effectively remove cardholder data from your environment. Find out how these solutions keep your card data safe. 

Manage Fraud and Chargebacks

Protect your business with secure payment processing. Information is always the first line of defence in card fraud. Elavon offers best practice advice to small businesses that accept card payments. In addition, we can help protect your business with the various tools built into our system.