Tablet Solutions

As more consumers expect to be able to pay for transactions anytime, anywhere, on any device, your business needs to consider how you stay ahead of the game and continue to delight your customers. In order to help you meet this customer demand, Elavon would like to introduce talech, a leading provider of tablet based ePOS solutions. The talech solution gives you real time access to your data and reports, anytime and from anywhere. talech can help you to better understand your customers and their behaviour, enabling you to take informed decisions about your business.


talech is an affordable ePOS solution that transforms a compatible tablet into not just a cash register, but a powerful business-management tool as well. Built specifically for small business, this intuitive, simple to use payment system means you can sell to customers and monitor your business, wherever you happen to be— inside your business or at an off-site location.

About talech

talech is a Mayan word that means 'one who listens.' talech is committed to delivering innovation and trusted leadership to small to medium sized businesses. With a next generation iPadTM based point of sale solution, talech lets you connect with customers so you can better understand and manage your company. 

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