Ingenico Terminal

Whether your customer pays at your till, or you take the payment to the customer, we have terminals to suit any business and any need.

Pay at till

If you run a shop or hotel reception, our countertop terminal is perfect for your business:

  • Fast and reliable
  • Contactless enabled
  • Major credit and debit cards accepted
  • Immediate authorisation and authentication
  • PCI DSS compliant
  • Multi-currency enabled
  • Pricing plans that work for you

iCT220 Desktop
Desktop monochrome terminal capable of connection over IP and PSTN for back up

iPP320 PIN Pad

This is a monochrome PIN pad which can be connected to an ICT220 terminal

Portable payments

Take the payment to the customer:

  • Bluetooth or WiFi compatible
  • All major credit and debit cards accepted
  • Contactless enabled
  • Multi-currency enabled
  • PCI DSS compliant
  • Pricing plans, planned around you

If you run a restaurant or bar, then our Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, cradle-based terminals are most suitable for your needs. 


iWL220 Bluetooth

Portable monochrome terminal which is supplied with a base for both charging and communications.  These units are capable of transacting over Bluetooth IP and Bluetooth PSTN

iWL258 Wi-Fi

Mobile monochrome terminal supplied with a cradle. Designed small and light for mobility purposes.


Mobile Payments

And if you want even more mobility to take payments at events or in the street; then our mobile, GPRS based terminal is the one for you. 

Mobile monochrome terminal capable of transacting over GPRS

Contactless - Making low value transactions even simpler

Contactless Frequently Asked Questions

Contactless Quick Troubleshooting Guide

If the reader does not respond to the card you should:

  • Check that the card is a Contactless payment card (check for logo and indicator);
  • Ensure the customer is holding their card close to the acceptance mark;
  • Ensure that the card is being presented to the reader correctly – if it is at an angle to the reader it may not work;
  • Check the reader is plugged in and functioning (if using a separate reader device)– remember to check for any metallic objects near the reader which may interfere with the signal;
  • Check the customer is presenting only one card to the reader. If a wallet is presented that contains multiple Contactless cards (whether Visa payWave, MasterCard® PayPass™, Oyster or any other card that uses contactless technology) an error will be detected and the reader will display ‘Please present one card only’.
  •  If you are still unable to process the transaction then you should proceed with a standard card transaction or alternative payment


Ingenico Hardware Installation


Ingenico Error Handling

Contact Elavon if the following errors occur:

  • Declined
  • Invalid Card
  • Please Retry
  • Referral
  • Referral A
  • Referral B
  • Invalid Amount
  • Expired Card
  • Pin Entry Max x 3
  • Incorrect Pin
  • Service Not Allowed
  • Sequence Error