Point of Sale Terminals

Elavon has a full range of state of the art point of sale (POS) card reader terminals: counter top, portable, roaming and mobile to work with your smart phone we cover every conceivable requirement. For more details about our range please download more information on our point of sale terminals or our mobile payment solutions or call our sales team.


Are you a sole trader or very small business working out and about, mainly accepting cash and cheques, not being able to accept cards as traditional POS equipment is too cumbersome. Now there is a solution that will work with your smartphone or tablet. A neat card reader and a free app can get you up and running in no time. Read more about this nifty product by clicking here or give our sales team a call.

E-commerce solutions

If your business sells on line via your website, Elavon has two solutions for taking online card payments; Global Gateway for larger, enterprise sites and Elavon Online Payment Gateway for small and medium businesses. For more information please download our solution sheets. If you are unsure as to which one is the right one for your business please give us a call.

Dynamic Currency Conversion

If your business regularly attracts overseas visitors with their home cards, you can offer them the option of paying in their home currency at the point of purchase. This is a great service as your customers can know exactly what the cost is in their home currency, rather than having to wait until they get home and receive their statement. DCC is backed by Elavon’s Best Rate Guarantee so you can rest assured you are offering a competitive exchange rate to your customers. And you make some revenue too. Please read more by clicking here or give us a call.

Tax Free Services

Through the same point-of-sale device used to process all your credit and debit transactions, cardholders who are eligible for international tax refunds are automatically recognised and provided with the information needed to reclaim international tax duties on the purchase of goods.

When combined with DCC, Elavon’s Tax-Free Service helps your business better serve your travelling customers, while generating additional revenue for your business through rebates from a portion of conversion fees. Read more about this service by clicking here or call us to discuss your needs.

Electronic Gift Card Plus

Elavon’s Electronic Gift Card Plus (EGC Plus) solution can help your business to increase sales, acquire new customers and create new marketing opportunities. Electronic gift cards are much safer and more convenient than paper gift vouchers. Openly promoting creative and relevant gift card designs will also help you to sell more than your existing paper vouchers; which have to be locked away as they have a cash value. Gift cards given by your customers to friends and family, who may not be existing customers, can bring new business to your company.  Read more by clicking here or give one of our sales advisors a call.