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Link your card terminal to your till, improve your customer experience and simplify your end-of-day processes

Customers today demand speed, efficiency, and simplicity. To meet these demands, Elavon understands your need for integrated payment systems.

With Smartlink, payment details from your till are automatically shared with the card terminal. This means there’s no need to re-key payment information, which reduces errors and dramatically speeds up the checkout process for customers and your staff.

The terminal authorises payments using ultra-fast Internet Protocol (IP) enabled transaction systems sending the result back to your till in seconds.

In addition, it keeps all sensitive cardholder data secure from entering your till and back office system and encrypts it before sending to our host system. Not only does this decrease the risk of fraud, but reduces the audit scope for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance.


  • Stops lost revenue due to transposition errors and missed declined transactions
  • Improves speed of checkout at the point-of-sale terminal by removing double entry
  • Enhances the customer experience through quick and secure card authorisation
  • Provides high availability card authorisation through dial backup and stand-alone mode if Point-of-Sale(POS) or IP fails
  • Streamlines end-of-day reconciliation
  • Reduces PCI compliance costs and security concerns
  • Provides investment protection for future POS and value-added applications

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Performing transactions with Ingenico terminals

Order supplies for your point-of-sale terminal

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Till Provider Tools

We’ve provided a Smartlink Developer Toolkit which includes the following items:

Example SmartLink Simulator

  •  An Overview of the Smartlink Solution
  • USB Drivers
  • An intake form (to complete to request use of test equipment)
  • A Developer Pack
    • Terminal Solutions Architecture
    • Terminal Behaviour
    • DLL Manager
    • Semi-Integrated TLV Messaging
    • Receipt Requirements
    • Simulator Install Guide
    • Linux Packages Installation
    • PPP User Guide
    • Events Test

Example Smartlink Simulator

  • Available in Windows and Linux variants
  • Provides example implementation of both Full Integration and Lite-Touch approaches
  • Includes the source code
  • Smartlink DLL, allowing integration in the following manner:
  • By using Microsoft Windows DLL via the ATL object or via a statically linked library
  • By using a Linux platform that is handled via a Shared Library

We offer a full-fledged developer environment. To start testing, log into the developers' site.

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Download the developers tool kit V3.1


SmartLink Interface Frequently Asked Questions

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