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Monday, March 26, 2018

Changes to the Visa Chargeback process as of 15 April 2018

What’s happening?

Visa is changing the way it handles disputed transactions (also known as Chargebacks) within the payments industry with effect from 15 April 2018 by introducing the Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) initiative. This aims to improve the efficiency of handling disputes and reduce the number of invalid Chargebacks.


What is Visa introducing and what are the benefits?

Visa are implementing enhanced dispute rules and streamlining the process with reduced timelines.


What does this mean for me?

Currently any disputes must be resolved within 45 calendar days.  As of 15 April 2018 this timeline will be reduced to 30 calendar days.  This means that the total time to resolve a dispute will be shorter and where we are able to defend your claim, you will receive your funds within a shortened timeframe.


This reduction in the timeline means the time you have to investigate Chargebacks is significantly reduced and so you will need to act upon any notifications you receive immediately to allow us sufficient time to defend this on your behalf.


How can I effectively manage my Chargebacks within the new timeframe?

To help customers manage the shortened timeframe, we offer email and fax options for dispute notifications.  We encourage customers who currently receive their notifications by post to take advantage of these quicker communication methods, and move to email or fax.


If you would like to change to email, please complete, sign and print  the attached form and return it to

Chargeback and Retrieval Notifications by email form



If you would like to change to fax notifications, please email and let us know the fax number you would like set up to receive all chargeback notifications.  We will then arrange this for you.

Can I receive chargeback notifications via iMerchantConnect (iMC)*?


* With iMerchantConnect you can download your statements, display recent deposits, view standard transaction, batch, chargeback, and unpaid statement reports.

Yes you can receive your chargeback notifications via iMC.  This will mean that you will need to log into iMC on a daily basis to check if you have any new notifications.

If you already have access to iMC, then you will just need to email and let us know that you would like to receive all chargebacks via iMC.  We will then arrange this for you.

If you don’t currently have iMC and would like to arrange access , please email and supply us with the following information :

  • Your Merchant Identification Number (MID) or Terminal Identification Number (TID). (This can be found on every receipt printed from your terminal, on every invoice and also on your contract with Elavon.) Plus one of the following:
  • the last 4 digits of your bank account number or
  • the amount of the last batch on your terminal or
  • the total amount of your last invoice.

Your iMC account will be opened as soon as above information is provided and successfully verified with our systems.

Once you have access, you will then need to email and let us know that you would like to receive all chargebacks via iMC.  We will then arrange this for you.

Are Mastercard and/or any of the other card brands doing something similar?

No, Visa is currently the only card brand that is changing how it handles its dispute notifications.

Will there be any changes to the reason codes?

Visa is consolidating all reason codes into 2 groups “Allocation” or Collaboration” with four new dispute categories: Fraud, Authorisation, Processing Errors and Consumer Disputes.

The old reason codes will apply to legacy disputes and the new reason codes will go into effect for disputes effective 15 April 2018. Below is a comparison of the new and old reason codes for reference.

For more information please see Visa® Claims Resolution FAQ

Visa Claims Resolution FAQ

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