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Reports & MyOpayo

Within your MyOpayo area you are able to run reports on the transactions and settlements that have taken place through your account.

Once you have logged into your MyOpayo you will be able to pull a number of reports on transactions and settlement that you can then export from our system.

We also provide you with a detailed summary reporting page on the transactions that have been processed through your account.
Under each tab you are able define the parameters of your reports.

When does settlement happen?

When a transaction is processed through your account, it must be sent for settlement for the funds to be credited into your account.

Settlement is the process that is carried out between us and the banks that will move the funds from your shoppers account into your own.

Adding and changing your transaction types

If you want to add other transaction types to your account we are able to help.

There are 3 types of standard transaction types you can process through your account.

  • Payment – the funds are automatically debited from your shopper without any action from you.
  • Authenticated – you have 90 days to process, there is no authorisation on the transaction until you process.
  • Deferred – 30 days are allowed for you to take the funds for a transaction.

Alongside the above transaction types we offer a number of other options to you.

Have a look at the transaction types you can have on your account.

Refunding a transaction - full or partial

You are able to refund all successfully authorised transactions that have been processed through your account in MyOpayo.

Before doing so however, you must first ensure that the user you plan on performing the authorise with has the privileges to do so.

Repeating a transaction

A repeat payment allows you to process another transaction using the details of a customer that are already on your account.

The repeat allows you to use the details that were captured for the original transaction and process them again for another amount, or transaction.

Before you can repeat a transaction you need to make sure that the user you are logged into the account as, has the permissions to do so.

If your user does not have the permissions you will need to speak with your account administrator who will be able to do this for you.

Transaction types

Opayo offers you a wide variety of transaction types that you can process through your account with ourselves.

The transaction types that are available to you when setting up your account are:

  • Payment
  • Deferred – Release - Abort
  • Authenticate – Authorise - Cancel
  • Repeat
  • Refund
  • Void

Each of the types differ in the way they process transactions through your account.

Void a transaction

Once a transaction has been processed through your account successfully you have the option to perform a void.

Voiding a transaction will prevent the funds from being transferred from your shoppers account into your own, or in the case of a refund, from your account into your shoppers.

You are able to perform a void on:

  • Payments
  • Releases
  • Authorises
  • Refunds

This is because all of the above are ready to move the funds from one account into another. A void will cancel this and stop any funds moving before settlement has taken place.

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