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Poynt Getting started (0:49)

Welcome to Poynt. Get a overview from your home screen on how to access your apps, like Terminal or Help. Learn how to manage WiFi, access settings, and view notifications.

Poynt Card transactions - normal sale (1:13)

It's easy to make a transaction. Open the terminal app, enter the amount of the sale and hit 'Charge'. The Poynt devise will prompt the customer and the server throughout the transaction and offer the customer the choose of no receipt, a paper receipt or an email receipt.

Card transactions - DCC sale (1:55)

Open the Poynt terminal app, enter the amount of the sale and hit 'Charge'. The device recognizes the card is eligible for DCC. On the screen, the customer will see the conversion fee, and the exchange rate. Based on these calculations, the customer will see the final amount they will pay in their native currency.

Card transactions - Tip (1:53)

Tips can be displayed as a fixed amount or as a percentage %. Both the fixed amount and tip percentage % can be customised by the Merchant. Tips must be enabled on the device or via Merchant HQ for it to become active on the device(s).

Poynt Getting connected (1:18)

It's easy to connect your Poynt device to Wifi. Simply open your swipe down menu and select WiFi. Then select your preferred secure network to keep your transactions safe. Just enter your network password and click 'connect'.

Poynt Refunds (0:51)

To make a refund open the terminal app, select the transaction you want to refund and swipe left. Check the refund amount and select 'refund'. To continue you must select No Receipt, Print a Receipt or Email a receipt. That’s it the refund is complete.


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